Kelly Akashi, Cayetano Ferrer at PP


Artists: Kelly Akashi, Cayetano Ferrer

Venue: PP, Portland

Exhibition Title: Eclipse

Date: July 26 – September 18, 2019

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Images courtesy of PP, Portland

Press Release:

Terrestrial epiphyte sprouts, screen negative. Steel roots, planular log, silicate stems.

Interlocked breath and pressure—molten glass conformed to a heat-shocked mold of sand and lime. Fissures recomposed under weight of a reclining bell bubble.

Folded furniture and mimetic prosthetic. Compartments and platforms for pattern-impressed vessels, located and rotated, inset and offset.

Orbiting lights, bell body lens, refracting an envelope of rays.

Eclipse is an exhibition of collaborative works by Kelly Akashi and Cayetano Ferrer. This show merges materials and processes inherent to their individual practices and expands on conversations developed while living and working together. The exhibition will span across two locations, with an offsite work available for viewing by appointment from July 27 – September 1.

Link: Kelly Akashi, Cayetano Ferrer at PP

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